On Mon, Apr 08, 2013 at 07:13:11PM +0100, Adam Spiers wrote:

> I was recently informed by the author of git-annex that my
> implementation of git check-ignore has two minor deficiencies which
> currently prevent him from adding .gitignore support to the git-annex
> assistant (web UI):
>     1. When accepting a list of files to check via --stdin, no results
>        are calculated until EOF is hit.  This prevents it being used
>        as a persistent background query process which streams results
>        to its caller.  (This is inconsistent with check-attr, which
>        *does* support stream-like behaviour.)

I think flushing on each line is reasonable, though you are also
introducing a deadlock possibility for callers which do not read back
the output in real-time. For example, if I write N paths out then read N
ignore-lines back in, I risk a situation where I am blocked on write()
to check-ignore, and it is blocked on write back to me. Somebody has to
buffer (the pipe buffers give you some leeway, but they are limited).

Given how new check-ignore is, and that we have not advertised any
particular buffering scheme so far, it's probably OK to switch without
worrying about breaking existing callers.

But if this is a mode of operation that we expect people to use (here
and for check-attr), we should advertise the flushing behavior, and
probably warn about the deadlock (I don't think adding a "--no-flush"
option is worth it, as it would just mean buffering in check-ignore,
which the caller could just as easily do itself).

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