Not Sure <> writes:

> Starting with the newest git version, the signature checking
> Missing from output is the machine parsable GPG information:
> [GNUPG:] SIG_ID sorvifhoerui/asidunb 2013-04-09 23947273
> [GNUPG:] GOODSIG 433811111111111324 User <usermail>
> [GNUPG:] VALIDSIG ddddddddddddddddddfsjidjfv 2013-04-09 aoidfjidh0 0 4 0
> 1 2 00 oshidvoo444444ddddddddd

I suspect that's because since b60b756 (gpg-interface: check good
signature in a reliable way, 2013-02-14), Git parses the above output.

Also, in e290c4b (pretty printing: extend %G? to include 'N' and 'U',
2013-03-31) which is currently in master, this was fixed:

> Note: The git-log format specifiers %GG, %G?, %GK, ... do not provide
> enough information

Is anything else missing?

Thomas Rast
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