On Tue, Apr 09, 2013 at 10:41:34AM -0700, rh wrote:

> > git-remote-http does not touch the openssl code itself at all. We only
> > talk to curl, which handles all of the ssl (and may even be built on
> > gnutls). So if that is the problem, then I think it may be a libcurl
> > bug, not a git one.
> Thanks, I see git-remote-{http,https,ftp,ftps} are the same size.
> Minor nitpick but shouldn't the error thrown say git-remote-https?

They are all hardlinks to the same program (or copies if your platform
does not support hardlinks or symlinks). But I'm not sure which error
you are talking about. We can figure out inside the program which
program was invoked by checking argv, but I do not see us printing
remote-http anywhere.

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