Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> writes:

> W dniu 08.04.2013 22:10, Jürgen Kreileder pisze:
>> Fix broken blob action parameters on blobdiff and commitdiff pages by
>> explicitly passing variables instead of relying on global ones.
> Do I understand it correctly that those variables (e.g. $hash variable
> in git_patchset_body in second chunk below, after this change passed
> as parameter to format_diff_cc_simplified()) can be filled in then,
> or at least adjusted correctly?


>> (The broken parameters on blob links lead to blob pages which show the
>> blob but with a hash instead of a commit message and have broken
>> blob_plain (404 - Cannot find file) and tree links (404 - Reading tree
>> failed))
> I wonder how we missed this.  Does this happen always, or in some
> specific conditions?

Just having a hash in the diff header and missing navigation links for
lhs links in diffs happen pretty much all the time:
E.g. follow any a/... link on 

(Btw, on
both the a/ und b/ link are broken.  No idea if my patch fixes that, I
don't use pathinfo because I've had similar problems with it when I
tested it a year ago).

Broken a/ and b/ + broken tree + broken blob_plain links are more
rare.  I see them on
for example:
When following either a/ or b/, all links in "[contactalbum.git] /
Classes / ContactAlbum.h" are broken.

With my patch I don't see these problems:

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