I use git-daemon as the keeper of all source (love it).  git is a normal
user, running as git:daemon, with all repositories living in ~git.

git-daemon is started like so:

/usr/lib/git/git-daemon --syslog --detach --reuseaddr --user=git --group=daemon 
--pid-file=/var/run/ --export-all --user-path 

Try to pull as root or normal user results in:

[pid 26786] access("/root/.config/git/config", R_OK) = -1 EACCES (Permission 
[pid 26786] write(2, "fatal: unable to access '/root/."..., 70) = 70
[pid 26785] <... read resumed> "fatal: unable to access '/root/."..., 4096) = 70
[pid 26786] exit_group(128)

Bisection fingered this commit, though it looks like it's really due to
not forgetting who it was at birth.  It's not root, so has no business
rummaging around in /root.  It used to not care, but this commit made
"go away" while looking for non-existent config file terminal.


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