Sivaram Kannan <> writes:

> Hi,
> I am using git with Gitlab/Gitolite configuration. Git version is
> in Ubuntu 12.04. There has been a consistent git crash
> recently and have attached the /var/crash/_usr_lib_git-core_
> git.1001.crash file.
> The crash output is pasted in the following link
> I removed some long binary information at the end of the file as
> pastebin does not allow more than 500k pasting. The crash is
> consistently happening and I am planning on for a debian deployment of
> gitlab.

Can you tell us what command you ran, and also try to get a readable
backtrace from your installation?

It seems that the paste would have contained a core dump (you snipped
it9, but it would be pretty useless without the corresponding binary
anyway.  Once you have the coredump in hand (as a file) you can use

  gdb $(which git) the_coredump_file

and then in the GDB prompt, enter 'backtrace' and paste its output, to
give us an idea what is going on.

Thomas Rast
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