On 4/11/13 8:46 AM, David Aguilar wrote:
Apologies because I don't know the Tk API very well.

In Qt there is an API method to raise windows -- QWidget::raise().

Is there no similar API in Tk?

I seems like this may be related:


..but it seems that -topmost may not be exactly the same thing.

That said, if there's no portable way to do it, then this is certainly a

Yes, I tried that one. Here is a quick test:

========== hello.tcl =============
# Tcl ignores the next line -*- tcl -*- \
exec wish "$0" -- "$@"

package require Tk

grid [ttk::button .b -text "Hello World"]
wm attributes . -topmost true

I'm not sure I'm doing it right, but it doesn't work.

Look like Tcl/Tk dev are very paranoic about windows created from Terminal/shell scripts: they don't let them take over , even if it is desired.

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