On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:53:38PM -0500, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> > But if we push some commits to the helper, moving Y up to Z, then it
> > would build the new commit (which contains the foreign-vcs's equivalent of
> > Y..Z) on top of Z, not Y.
> Why would it do that? If X points to say revision 100, presumably it
> was stored somewhere while doing a fetch. Similarly, if foreign
> version of Z is 150, it can update that number while doing a push. The
> next fetch it would start from 151.

I think the only reason not to bump the marker forward during the push
would be if the helper wants for some reason to "re-import" from the
foreign source rather than accepting the git versions of the commits.
Something like git-svn's markup of the commit messages with revision ids
comes to mind. But if it matters, then by definition that would mean
that the import/export is not bidirectionally clean. git-svn is
definitely not that, but I hope that vcs-svn will be (I have not kept up
on its status).

So I can buy the argument that bumping it forward ourselves will not
matter for any well-implemented helper.

That is the sort of thing that might be helpful to include in the commit
message; if somebody does run across such a helper and bisects to your
commit, then they can understand the rationale for the decision.

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