On 04/10/2013 09:44 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Thanks.

My pleasure.

> While removing that item from the configuration is a good thing to
> do in the post era, the reason why it is does not have much
> to do with "GMail is SSL capable".

Should I change the commit message in order to avoid confusion among devs that
read it?

> The configuration item is not about "Do we connect over SSL when
> talking to this host?", but is about "When we use SSL with this
> host, do we verify the certificate it gave us?".

If I change it, how should it sound?
It could be:

Since GMail's certificates can be sslverify-ed there is no need to set sslverify
to false, the example using it may confuse readers that it's needed since it's
also used in the previous example configurations, too.

Have a nice day!

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