Jeff King <> writes:

> OK. I'll hold off for now while we stew on it. Jonathan's patch looks OK
> to me, but it has the same issue. But I think every path has to be one
> of:
>   1. We annoy sysadmins who need to take an extra step to handle the
>      HOME situation with --user (the current behavior, or any other
>      proposal that they have to opt into).
>   2. We annoy sysadmins who want to set HOME with --user, either by
>      making what they want to do impossible, or making them set an extra
>      variable or option to accomplish what used to work (my patch to set
>      HOME with --user).
>   3. We loosen the check, so some cases which might be noteworthy are
>      not caught (my patch, Jonathan's patch, etc).
> I think any solution will have to fall into one of those slots. So we
> need to pick the least evil one, and then hammer out its least evil
> form.

That summarizes our options nicely, I think.  Thanks.
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