W dniu 12.04.2013 23:40, Junio C Hamano pisze:

> --------------------------------------------------
> [New Topics]
> * ap/strbuf-humanize (2013-04-10) 2 commits
>  - count-objects: add -H option to humanize sizes
>  - strbuf: create strbuf_humanise_bytes() to show byte sizes
>  Teach "--human-readable" aka "-H" option to "git count-objects" to
>  show various large numbers in Ki/Mi/GiB scaled as necessary.
>  Will merge to 'next'.
>  It may not be a bad idea to discard mc/count-objects-kibibytes,
>  which can introduce regression to scripted users that expect the
>  output to say "N kilobytes".  Opinions?

> --------------------------------------------------
> [Cooking]
> * mc/count-objects-kibibytes (2013-04-03) 1 commit
>   (merged to 'next' on 2013-04-05 at f4e50e8)
>  + count-objects: output "KiB" instead of "kilobytes"
>  The command reports the total diskspace used to store loose objects
>  in kibibytes, but it was labelled as "kilobytes".  The number now
>  is shown with "KiB", e.g. "6750 objects, 50928 KiB".
>  If you have scripts that decide when to run "git repack" by parsing
>  the output from "git count-objects", this release may break them.
>  Sorry about that.  One of the scripts shipped by git-core itself
>  also had to be adjusted.  You may want to consider updating such
>  scripts to always call "git gc --auto" to let it decide when to
>  repack for you.
>  Will merge to 'master'.

So mc/count-objects-kibibytes is to be discarded, or merged to 'master'?
Jakub Narębski
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