On 14 April 2013 22:34, Sebastian Schuberth <sschube...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Usually when I query a variable I'm not so much interested in whether it is 
> at all (explicitly) set to some value or not, but what value is currently in 
> use.

With your change in place, how do you know if the config item has been
explicitly set in your system?

The closest thing I can see for doing this is git config --list, but
perhaps there should be a flag to check if a config item is set?

More to the point, I can easily imagine many scripts relying on git
config returning a value to indicate that a config item has been set.
Your proposed change would break all those. For that reason, it might
be nicer to introduce a flag that returns the config if it is set or
the default otherwise. Something like git config --value perhaps.


Andrew Ardill
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