I've merged a handful more topics to 'next'.

It is likely that I'll be merging kb/status-ignored-optim to
'master' soonish, but as I kept saying this topic touches rather
core part of working tree inspection code, so a fallout from it may
affect not just "status -u<various>" but more destructive "add",
"rm". A final eyeballing of the topic is very much appreciated.

Also I've ejected nd/magic-pathspecs and as/check-ignore topics from
'pu' for now, as the former when taken with jl/submodule-mv were
somehow breaking the tests (I was running the integration run for
'pu' without 5301, 5700, 7001 and 7408 for a few days), and the
latter topic did not play well with kb/status-ignored-optim topic.
We may want to revisit them after having a few more topics graduate
to 'master' first and then ask them to be rebased.

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