On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 06:38:09 +0200, Christian Couder wrote:
> I wonder if we should also write something into the bisect log if for
> example the bisection stopped because there are only 'skip'ped commits
> left to test. But maybe this could go into another patch after this
> one.

Yes, that would be useful, but I wasn't able to determine all the cases
that would be relevant to log. Only skipped commits left to test is one,
but bisect--helper also exits on various problems related to merge base
handling. The handling of problems related to inconsistent user input is
probably not relevant to log.

I think the successful bisect case is most important to log and the one
that requires the least amount of invasive changes.

> > diff --git a/git-bisect.sh b/git-bisect.sh
> > index 99efbe8..c58eea7 100755
> > --- a/git-bisect.sh
> > +++ b/git-bisect.sh
> > @@ -311,7 +311,13 @@ bisect_next() {
> >     res=$?
> >  
> >     # Check if we should exit because bisection is finished
> > -   test $res -eq 10 && exit 0
> > +   if test $res -eq 10
> > +   then
> > +           bad_rev=$(git show-ref --hash --verify refs/bisect/bad)
> I had a look to make sure that refs/bisect/bad always refered to the
> first bad commit at this point, and it is true indeed.

According to Documentation/git-bisect.txt, refs/bisect/bad is the proper
way to determine the first bad commit at the end of a bisection.

> Maybe you could have used "git rev-parse --verify" instead of "git
> show-ref --hash --verify". It looks simpler to me.

I was wondering why "git grep show-ref *.sh" gave so few users. It looks
like rev-parse is more common.

> And maybe, just in case, you could have added: || die "$(gettext "Bad rev: 
> refs/bisect/bad")"

Yes, I should probably have done that.

> Otherwise this patch looks good to me.


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