Junio C Hamano wrote:
> If "rebase -m" were to be taught to do this, the natural way to do
> so is to
>   (1) Prepare the todo the usual way
>   (2) Do those two commits for index and working tree
>   (3) Append two insns (exec reset HEAD^ and exec reset --soft
>       HEAD^) at the end of the rebase todo file.

Er, no.  I don't want to touch the instruction sheet.  It becomes
especially problematic in -i, when the instruction sheet is

> "rebase--am" could also be told to generate (on the preparation
> side) and notice (on the application side) a pair of patch files at
> the end that represent the index state and the working tree state
> and apply them without making the WIP part into a commit.

Ugh, no.  I don't want to leak the implementation detail of autostash
into specific rebases.  Why can't I wrap the last statment in
git-rebase.sh in git stash/ git stash pop like I did with git-pull.sh?
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