Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> As you hinted before, this would involve reverting the introduction
> of "branch.<name>.pushremote", with the explanation that it was a
> mistake inspired by that false symmetry, that you noticed and were
> uncomfortable with but the rest of us were blind too.


For the curious, here is the motivation for the weird syntax I

        git push foo bar -- baz qux

Sure, I want "git push master" to work since it might reduce the
volume of questions on #git.  But selfishly, more important to me
was that it would simplify my life as I frequently do

        git push repo wagner vasks -- debian-experimental +candidate+patches

in three steps, and I'd rather do it in one.  I think of,, and as three different remotes and
like maintaining separate remote-tracking branches for them, so a
single remote/multiple urls setup didn't work as well when I tried it.

I should warn you that the sketch of a design I am replying to is
incomplete.  It doesn't say what should happen if you try

        git push -- master:theirmaster next:theirnext

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