Matthieu Moy wrote:
> I tend to agree with you, but the idea has explicitly been rejected in
> the past. The problem with an option like this is that it would also
> disable the advices that may be added in the future. By letting people
> disable the advices one by one, people see new advices as they arrive.
> You may think of it like "do not show this message again" tickboxes in
> some graphical user interfaces.
> Too controversial area for newcommers I guess ;-).

This is the kind of nonsense that I absolutely won't stand for.  Am I
a less important customer than a newcomer?  Hell, if anything, I'm the
_more_ important customer because I spend time improving git while a
newcomer makes no contribution whatsoever.  In my opinion, the most
important customers of git are (in this order of precedence):

1. Developers who hack on git to make it better.  This means that the
implementation must have a pleasing consistency, and end-user
expectations of UI are secondary.  For some reason, Junio seems to
disagree with this.

2. Advanced users hacking on projects that demand effective use of git
like linux.git and git.git, as opposed to some little project on
GitHub that just accepts pull requests.

3. Newcomers.

I don't develop git for newcomers.  I develop git for myself, and
scratch my personal itches.  The most important customer to me is
myself, and everyone else is secondary.

That said, I don't feel strongly about this particular advice.ui
issue, and Jeff/ Junio have presented a reasonably cogent argument.
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