> #0  0x00007ffff722b3e6 in ____strtoull_l_internal () from /usr/lib/libc.so.6
> #1  0x00000000004b31d4 in pp_user_info (pp=pp@entry=0x7fffffffd310,
> what=what@entry=0x521379 "Author", sb=sb@entry=0x7fffffffd290,
>    line=line@entry=0x7b3a45 "Ivan Lyapunov <ilyapu...@trueconf.ru>-
> <> 1354083115 +0400\ncommitter Ivan Lyapunov <ilyapu...@trueconf.ru>
> 1354083115 +0400\n\n- small merge fixes",
> encoding=encoding@entry=0x505400 "UTF-8") at pretty.c:441

Clearly the author line is messed up after name and email. It means we won't be 
able to parse the time, and return a null pointer to it (which we run through 
strtoll after, with a crash). 
I thought that bug was already fixed though and we're now checking for null 
time also ? I think I can submit a fix for that when I'm back home. 

Thanks for reporting !

Cheers, Antoine 

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