nobody writes:

> Hello Junio,
> Hello list,
> On Wed, Mar 06, 2013 at 09:19:42AM +0100, Michael Weiser wrote:
>> > >> Support determining the binaries' installation path at runtime even if
>> > >> called without any path components (i.e. via search path).
>> > The default for any change is not to include it.  Is there any
>> > reason why we want this change?
>> It makes a binary git installation fully relocatable. Seeing how git
>> already has basic support for it I thought other people might be
>> interested in this.
> I am still interested in getting this accepted into git. Where do I push
> to get it committed?

I do not have a strong objection to what it tries to achieve, but
I'd prefer to see no "#ifdef platform" code in a very generic part
of the system like exec_cmd.
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