Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Brandon Casey writes:
>> Just a bit of advice, maybe you should think about softening your tone
>> a bit hmm?  I find this last sentence to be somewhat repelling and
>> tend to refrain from responding to such.
> Oh, so it wasn't just me.  I was about to say something similar,
> along the lines of "people whom you just called myopic, because you
> did not understand the rationale behind their past work, are less
> likely to be inclined to help you. you would have more luck if you
> ask them nicely.", but I've long given up on helping him be a better
> community member and deleted that part.

I'm truly sorry.

I've only had a cursory look at git-stash.sh, and was merely saying
what came to my mind first after a cursory glance: it wasn't an
opinion of any sort.  A lot of things I say are stupid in retrospect:
I'm not ashamed to admit it; I'm an inexperienced kid, and I make lots
of mistakes.  And please don't interpret my comments as attacking the
people who wrote the code: in a community like ours, I don't believe
in associating blame to any one person; I believe that all of us are
equally responsible for all parts of the code as a collective; if
something doesn't match what I expect, why didn't I participate in the
discussion of the patch that led up to it?

I complain very loudly about little things that annoy me, and I think
this is a good attribute.  People who are generally happy with the
current state of affairs cannot make a big difference.  This does not
mean that I go on a stubborn rampage breaking backward compatibility
everywhere, but rather that I raise the kind of questions that other
people normally don't.

I do not blame people for who they are: they are just a product of
their histories; a sum of absorbed influences.  It is, therefore,
irrational to be rude to someone.  If someone is not behaving as I
expect them to, I send them a polite off-list email pointing out what
I think their negative attributes  are, and attempt to nudge them in
the desired direction.

I'll try to be a better community member in the future.
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