Forrest Galloway <> writes:

> git on OSX(Mountain Lion) installed with Homebrew
> I am seeing an issue when trying to format the output from rev-list command.
> git log --pretty=format:"%H - %an, %ar : %s" When I attempt the above
> string, instead of printing to the shell, LESS is opened and the
> output is displayed there.
> Got the command from here:
> git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ar : %s" The string above works
> fine when I change the %h to %H the issue shoes up.

Actually, less is running in both cases.

We give --quit-if-one-screen (-F) and --chop-long-lines (-S) by
default when we run "less", unless you have your own LESS
environment variable to override our choice, if your history is
shorter than one screenful *and* if your output lines are narrower
than your terminal, it exits after showing the output.

By passing %H instead of %h, you make the output wider, and when
viewing output with --chop-long-lines, less refuses to implicitly
exit with --quit-if-one-screen, because you may want to look at the
RHS end of the output with right/left arrow keys, and it cannot do
so if it exits after showing the last line.

If you do not want pager, run it with no-pager, like this:

        git --no-pager log ...your other parameters...
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