Thomas Rast <> writes:

> You could come up with a patch series that first starts emitting
> warnings whenever the user asks for behavior that will change, and later
> flips the default and removes the warning (the latter would be merged
> for 2.0 or so).

Please don't.  The fact that "reverse then count" mode may be useful
does not mean "count then show in reverse" mode does not have any
use. "git log --oneline --reverse -20" is a very valid way to ask
"what did I do recently" and get "you did this, that and then..." in
that order.

Adding a new option can be done anytime without any complex
transition plan.  You may want to introduce a --show-in-reverse
synonym to the current --reverse when you add the new mode of
reversing (--reverse-before-count?) so that eventually we won't have
to ask "which kind of reverse an unadorned --reverse option mean?"
by deprecating a plain "--reverse", though.

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