Junio C Hamano wrote:
>         peel_committish () {
>                 case "$1" in
>                 :/*)
>                         peeltmp=$(git rev-parse --verify "$1") &&
>                         git rev-parse --verify "$peeltmp^0"
>                         ;;
>                 *)
>                         git rev-parse --verify "$1^0"
>                         ;;
>                 esac
>         }

Thanks.  Yeah, that's the obvious "hack solution": special handling
for refspecs of the kind :/text.  Will write a patch for it soon
(currently struggling to complete rebase.autostash).  In the meantime,
please queue this patch.

I'm more interested in knowing what you think of my first point: is
:/text fundamentally broken, as it can't be combined with other
operators like the other rev specs can?  If so, how do you think we
should fix it?
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