John Keeping wrote:
> I'm not actually sure this is better.  I'm more afraid of the condition
> for outputting files changing in the future than of passing
> output_prefix around, so I'd much rather keep that condition in one
> place.
> If you really feel strongly about it, I'd prefer to extract the if
> condition to a function and use that directly when deciding whether to
> print "--".

Yeah, it would probably make more sense to extract the conditional.  I
just thought it was unnecessary to pass the argument around, but feel
free to go either way on this one.

> [Also, you introduce a potential segfault via passing a NULL prefix to
> strlen.]

Isn't prefix guaranteed to be set by setup_git_directory()?  If I
wanted to check it nevertheless, I'd probably put in a die("internal
error") before this line.  Feel free to go either way though.
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