Ever since 'git log -L' made it to `pu`, I've been playing with it to
see how it can be useful.  Here are some of my observations:

1. Specifying line ranges by hand are too painful.  I would really
love it if it could parse the lines off a patch prepared by
format-patch or something.

2. Specifying regex ranges are really useful to see the history of a
function.  But I think it could really benefit from a tool that
actually understands the language (using Clang Tooling).  If we were
to build such a tool, git-core could benefit immensely from it: we'd
have smarter merges too, for instance.

3. Often, I want to know the people to contact for a segment of code.
Blame is useless here, because it only considers the most recent
commit, when I want to know the authors of all the commits that helped
shaped that segment of code.  So, I think shortlog could really
benefit from a -L.  Is this easily doable?

Thanks for listening.
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