On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Pete Wyckoff <p...@padd.com> wrote:
>> First issue
>> -----------
>> git-p4 assumes the output of 'p4 print' adds a newline to the
>> target.  To work around this, git-p4.py strips the last char from
>> symlinks as shown in the following snippet:
>>     if type_base == "symlink":
>>         git_mode = "120000"
>>         # p4 print on a symlink contains "target\n"; remove the newline
>>         data = ''.join(contents)
>>         contents = [data[:-1]]

This line could be made more robust by changing it to:

    contents = [data.rstrip('\n')]

That way it only strips off newlines if they exist, which essentially
papers over these rogue depot files.
Alternatively, it could use rstrip() with no arguments to cast a wider
net and catch all whitespace.
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