Michael Haggerty wrote:

> This series consists of a single patch that adds a directory
> contrib/hooks/git-multimail/ containing five files, described in the
> patch's commit message.

Yay!  I look forward to seeing it.

>                                       The first of these commits
>     consists of a code drop from the private repository just
>     mentioned.  The recent part of this history includes commits by
>     other authors.

That could be a reason to do a subtree merge if you want.  A code drop
with a commit message that acknowledges the contributors would also
presumably be fine.

> * How to organize future development?  Directly in the Git repo, using
>   the git mailing list, etc?  As a fork of the Git project that
>   occasionally issues patches and/or pull requests to the main
>   project?  Or as a separate project that does not include the whole
>   Git tree, which is occasionally merged back to the Git project using
>   subtree merge?

My personal preference is that patches come on the git list, are
reviewed here, and then go to your fork of the Git project that Junio
can periodically pull from at your request (like git-svn).  But of
course this is up to you, too.

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