Jeff King <> writes:

> So I think one reasonable path would be:
>   1. Do not treat "host:path" as ssh if "host" has a slash, which should
>      not regress anybody. It does not allow unadorned relative paths
>      with colons, but it lets you use absolute paths or "./" to
>      disambiguate.
>   2. Teach git-clone to ask the transport code to parse the source repo
>      spec, and decide from that whether it is local or not. That would
>      harmonize the implementations and avoid errors when you _did_ mean
>      to use ssh, but "host:path" happens to exist in your filesystem. I
>      also would not be surprised if there are problems with
>      URL-encoding, but maybe clone handles that properly (I didn't
>      check).
> And the "host contains slash" rule is pretty easy to explain in the
> documentation, which is good.

Sounds like a good direction to take us.
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