Zoltan Klinger <zoltan.klin...@gmail.com> writes:

> When a rebase is interrupted by a merge conflict it could be useful to
> know how far a rebase has progressed and how many commits in total this
> rebase will apply. Teach the __git_ps1() command to display the number
> of commits so far applied and the total number of commits to be applied.
> Below is a sample output of the improved __git_ps1() command:
>   ((3ec0a6a...)|REBASE|2/5)
> In the example above the rebase has stopped at the second commit due to
> a merge conflict and there are a total number of five commits to be
> applied by this rebase.
> This information can be alredy obtained from the following files which are
> being generated during the rebase:
>     GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-merge/msgnum (git-rebase--merge.sh)
>     GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-merge/end    (git-rebase--merge.sh)
>     GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-apply/next   (git-am.sh)
>     GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-apply/last   (git-am.sh)
> 1) Modify git-rebase--interactive.sh to also create
>       GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-merge/msgnum
>       GIT_DIR/.git/rebase-merge/end
>    files for the number of commits so far applied and the total number of
>    commits to be applied.
> 2) Modify git-prompt.sh to read and display info from the above files
> 3) Update test t9903-bash-prompt.sh to reflect changes introduced by
>    this patch.
> Signed-off-by: Zoltan Klinger <zoltan.klin...@gmail.com>
> ---

Nicely explained.  Felipe?  Szeder?  Comments?

>  contrib/completion/git-prompt.sh |   21 ++++++++++++++++-----
>  git-rebase--interactive.sh       |    5 +++++
>  t/t9903-bash-prompt.sh           |    6 +++---
>  3 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
> ...
> -     printf " (b1|REBASE-i)" > expected
> +     printf " (b1|REBASE-i|1/1)" > expected

This makes me wonder if " (b1|REBASE-i 1/1)" may be easier on the
eyes.  Also it may not be a bad idea to add a new piece to this test
to show the state that is not "1/1" but something else.
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