Łukasz Stelmach <l.stelm...@samsung.com> writes:

> Enable sending patches to NNTP servers (Usenet, Gmane).

I'm surprised Junio didn't mention this: your patch lacks the

> +     if ($email_protocol eq 'nntp') {
> +             $header = "Newsgroups: $to\n" . $header;
> +     } else {
> +             $header = "To: $to${ccline}\n" . $header;
> +     }

Are you silently ignoring any Ccs that have been set if you're in NNTP

Would it be possible to instead send the Ccs by mail as usual, and only
the main message over NNTP?  (You don't need to run off and implement
this, but I'm curious how hard you think it would be.)

At least in the git@vger world with a lot of etiquette surrounding the
use of Ccs, NNTP mode isn't very useful if you can't also send Ccs.  But
maybe you have another use-case where that is not a problem?

Thomas Rast
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