On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 04:44:29PM +0200, Adam Stankiewicz wrote:
> My proposal is to move default bare repository location from .git/modules
> to .git directory inside submodule, like every normal git repo do.

That's the way it was in old versions of git. The git-file approach was
implemented so git could deal with adding or removing submodules. For
example, if a submodule is not in version HEAD~ and you do a checkout
HEAD~ your working dir should not contain the submodule. (Unfortunately
we are not there quite yet).

> These are my arguments:
> 1. Why git submodule needs to know in which project it is embedded in? Or
> even that it's generally submodule? When cd to submodule, it behaves like
> normal repository. Only repository needs to know about its submodules.

A git submodule doesn't know about it's superproject. All git repos can
be used with git-files. I wouldn't say that a .git-file makes a git repo
aware that it's a subproject (which doesn't even had to be true).

The superproject needs to work with the working-tree, having repo data
in the worktree like svn and cvs is a bad thing. I really like having
all meta data in the same spot.

And there's the "checkout old commit without submodule" problem but
of course, your "mv-approach" would solve this.

> 2. You can't move submodule outside git repository and use it as normal git
> repo. You have to copy bare repo from .git/modules dir.

You can, if you edit .git-file. However in either case your can't use
your superrepo in a sane way if you move out your submodule. So why
would you do that?

If you only need the submodule repo, just clone the submodule repo.

> 3. It's not enough to delete submodule from workingdir to "refresh" it
> later. You have to go to .git/modules directory and delete appropriate
> folder.
> What about performance on checkouts?

I think that performance penalty is too small to be cared about, if you
look at all the other file access stuff that git does every time.

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