Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com> writes:

> Maybe we can do like this:
> 1. Set the default value of 'clean.requireForce' to false.
> 2. Show a error message and do nothing, if there is not 'clean.requireForce'
>     setting, but the user called with a '--force' flag.
>     ( like a transition for the change of push.default in git 2.0)

Perhaps introducing a new value for 'clean.requireForce':

$ git config --global clean.requireForce ask
$ git clean
will remove ...
are you sure [y/N]?

The error message when clean.requireForce is unset and --force is not
given could point the user to clean.requireForce=ask.

Then, maybe, later, this could become the default. But I tend to like
the non-interactive nature of most Git commands, so I'm a bit reluctant
here. My way of doing the confirmation dialog is

$ git clean -n
would remove ...
$ git clean -f

Matthieu Moy
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