2013/4/27 Johannes Schneider <maili...@cedarsoft.com>:
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> Hi guys,
> I love git. And I use it every day. But there is one minor thing, that
> bugs me a little bit:
> I am implementing something on a feature branch. Now I detect a minor
> typo/bug/whatever that just needs a one line commit.
> But of course I don't want to add that commit to my feature branch.
> Instead I'd like to commit that fix directly to another branch (e.g.
> master).
> Unfortunately that take a lot of steps to make this happen:
> - - comitting
> - - stashing other changes
> - - changing branch
> - - cherry-picking commit
> - - switching branches back
> - - reverting latest commit
> - - unstashing changes
> I'd love to solve this by having an option for git commit that gives
> me the possibility to commit to another branch:
> git commit thefixedfile.txt -m "fixed a typo" -b master
> Any ideas/hints?

I would first recommend you, instead of cherry-picking the commit, you did this:
-- stash
-- go to the master branch
-- fix the line
-- commit the fix
-- got to the feature branch
-- unstash

As when you merge with master, git will carry on with the changes. I
don't see the need to cherry pick that commit.

Javier Domingo
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