"H.Merijn Brand" <h.m.br...@xs4all.nl> writes:

> I don't need any credits. I just want git to work from scratch :)

The sign-off procedure is not about giving credits to you.  It is to
protect us from others (e.g. your employer) by having a record that
you claimed that you had the authority to give us the change.

For a single-liner change like this, this often does not matter in
practice, but we try to be consistent as it makes everybody's life
simpler to have a single procedure for all the patches.


>> > ...
>> > So I think the right commit message is something like:
>> >
>> >   We call File::Temp's "tempfile" function as a class method, but it was
>> >   never designed to be called this way. Older versions seemed to
>> >   tolerate it, but as of File::Temp 0.23, it blows up like this:
>> >
>> >     $ git svn fetch
>> >     'tempfile' can't be called as a method at .../Git.pm line 1117.
>> >
>> >   Fix it by calling it as a regular function, just inside the File::Temp
>> >   namespace.
> Sounds about right.
>> > -Peff
>> Thanks.
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