Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Compare these (gitk will give you nicer picture):
>    $ git log --oneline --graph --left-right A...B
>    $ git log --oneline --graph --left-right B...A

Darn.  I didn't realize that rev-list had a --left-right to mark
commits with <, >, or - before giving it to the command.  So, that's
one more thing to note: there are positive and negative commits, as
well as commits marked with a direction (in the special case of
--left-right).  Have we missed anything?

> It may be nice if the low-level operated on more than one DAG, but
> it is very close to a proposition to throw the baby with the
> bathwater and restart from scratch.  It is a lot more than a little
> "as an aside" task.

I know too little to comment on the issue.  I was merely musing.
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