Thomas Rast wrote:
> But then why don't you just 'git symbolic-ref H HEAD' for a sort of
> "local alias"?

Yes, I already have @ pointing to HEAD.  And I think it's much nicer
than H (also since H@{u} doesn't resolve [1]).  The purpose of this
patch is to standardize @ for everyone.

> What annoys me more is that there's no way to say
>   git symbolic-ref U @{u}

That's because the part after "ref: " in a symref is expected to point
to a concrete ref, and doesn't go through the get_sha1_basic()
machinery.  Making symrefs peel recursively might or might not be a
good idea; I haven't thought about it enough.  However, it's not my
itch: write a patch and start a discussion?

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