Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> The reordering made in v1.8.1.1~7^2~2 still seems like voodoo to me,
> but at least it works.  This patch applies that same order for
> everyone.  Systems that would previously use the "I have old win32api
> and don't need that reordering" codepath don't need to be
> special-cased any more, since *their* particular brand of trouble is
> avoided by being careful about how to use the WIN32 macro.
> The upshot:
>  - No change on modern setups.  To uninformed people like me I feel
>    like there is still something subtle going on that is not well
>    understood, but hey, this patch doesn't break it. :)
>  - Tested to still work on setups that previously needed
>    CYGWIN_V15_WIN32API.  Yay!
>  - This drops an #ifdef, which means less code that is never tested
>    to keep up to date.
> With or without a few words of explanation in the commit message to
> save some time for the next confused person looking this over,
> Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>

Thanks.  Ramsay, I tend to agree with Jonathan that this change
deserves a bit more explanation.
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