Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> The rule would be "You should be able to say '@' where-ever you
> currently say HEAD" (aka '@' is a short-hand for 'HEAD').
> That means "git checout @" should work the same way as "git checkout
> HEAD", "git log @~4" would work the same way as "git log HEAD~4",
> "git update-ref @ $(git rev-parse master)" should update the HEAD
> without creating $GIT_DIR/@, etc.
> You can't go any simpler than that rule, and there is no room for
> confusion if that rule is properly implemented.
> Hmm?

I personally would not mind an easier-to-implement rule that says
"You can say '@' to mean HEAD^0, i.e. the object name of the commit
at the tip of your current branch".  That would make sure that
nobody would expect "git update-ref @ $(git rev-parse master~4)" to
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