John Tapsell <> writes:

> On 30 April 2013 20:44, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> John Tapsell <> writes:
>>> Is there no way to fix --cc to work even in the edge cases?
>> Can you clarify what you mean by "fix" and "edge cases"?
> My understanding is that even with -cc there will be changes that
> won't be seen - and hence why --cc could be even more of a "security
> risk", no?

Combined diff is a way to show a tricky conflict resolved in a
tricky way, so that the tricky-ness of the resolution can be
examined.  A trivial resolution that takes one side is not shown
because it is not usually interesting. This design choice of course
have to trust people involved in the project do not pull from
untrustworthy sources.

You would need "log -p -m" (without any pathspec) for the kind of
"security" you are talking about.  Note that "-p -m --first-parent"
is not necessarily enough.
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