On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 1:38 PM, Ilya Basin <basini...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   - When creating a tag or branch from a subdir, a disjoint branch is
>     created. Then git-svn re-imports the commits using this dir as strip
>     path.
>     During this re-import the variable %added_placeholder is not up to
>     date. Because the branch is disjoint, this variable should be empty
>     in the beginning, but it's not. Because of that git-svn tries to
>     delete non-existent .gitignore files and dies.
>   - When creating a tag or branch from a subdir, the strip path is e.g.
>     "trunk/module", but change_dir_prop() can be called with just
>     "trunk". This breaks tracking of placeholder files, because it
>     relise on the hash {dir_prop}, filled in change_dir_prop().


>   - When creating a normal tag or branch, git-svn creates a normal
>     branch without reimport, but the placeholder files in the new
>     branch are not added to %added_placeholder.
> This patch does 3 things:
>   - It makes git-svn store paths in %added_placeholder already
>     translated from "trunk/subdir/" to "tags/subdir_1.0/" during
>     reimport.
>   - When strip path is "trunk/subdir", don't add "trunk" to {dir_prop}
>     in change_dir_prop().
>   - When a normal branch is created, it takes entries in
>     %added_placeholder belonging to the source branch, translates them
>     to target branch and adds them to %added_placeholder.
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