On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 08:04:01PM +0200, Thomas Rast wrote:

> And probing lookups happen a lot: some simple instrumentation shows
> that 'git rev-list --all --objects' on my git.git,
> * 19.4M objects are accessed in lookup_object and grow_object_hash
>   combined, while
> * the linear probing loops in lookup_object and insert_obj_hash run a
>   total of 9.4M times.
> So we take a slightly different approach, and trade some memory for
> better cache locality.  Namely, we change the hash table slots to
> contain
>   struct object *obj;
>   unsigned long sha1prefix;

I think this is a clever idea, though I do worry about the extra memory
use (it's not all _that_ much in the grand scheme, but it works against
the cache locality benefit). I just posted (but forgot to cc you) a
patch that takes a different approach: to actually move the likely
candidate to the front of the collision change. The patch is here:


It does a bit better than the numbers you have here:

> I get a decent speedup, for example using git.git as a test
> repository:
> Test                               before              after
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 0001.1: rev-list --all             0.42(0.40+0.01)     0.41(0.39+0.01)   
> -1.5%**
> 0001.2: rev-list --all --objects   2.40(2.37+0.03)     2.28(2.25+0.03)   
> -5.0%***
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> And even more in linux.git:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 0001.1: rev-list --all             3.31(3.19+0.12)     3.21(3.09+0.11)   
> -2.9%**
> 0001.2: rev-list --all --objects   27.99(27.70+0.26)   25.99(25.71+0.25) 
> -7.1%***
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It _might_ still be advantageous to do your patch on top, but I suspect
it will diminish the returns from your patch (since the point of it is
to probe less far down the chain on average).

> I expected the big win to be in grow_object_hash(), but perf says that
> 'git rev-list --all --objects' spends a whopping 33.6% of its time in
> lookup_object(), and this change gets that down to 30.0%.

I'm not surprised. I spent some time trying to optimize grow_object_hash
and realized that it doesn't make much difference. The killer in
"rev-list --objects --all" is that we hit the same tree entry objects
over and over.

Another avenue I'd like to explore is actually doing a tree-diff from
the last processed commit, since we should need to examine only the
changed entries. I suspect it won't be a big benefit, though, because
even though the tree diff can happen in O(# of entries), we are trying
to beat doing an O(1) hash for each entry. So it's the same algorithmic
complexity, and it is hard to beat a few hashcmp() calls. We'll see.

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