Felipe Contreras wrote:
> [...]

Yes, I'm working on a re-roll.

> Moreover, the symbolic-ref 'HEAD' is quite special, it's mentioned
> everywhere in the documentation, and the code has special cases for
> it. It's not reasonable to expect all relevant places to be updated
> for this functionality, and certainly 'Documentation/revisions.txt' is
> not the only one.

I'm not denying that HEAD is special.  I'm just improving the general
support for symbolic-refs, so that the difference between HEAD and any
other symbolic-ref is smaller.

> For example, in Ramkumar's approach:
>  % git branch -u master @
> Would replace '@' with HEAD, however:
>  % git branch --edit-description @
> Would not.

git branch -u master <any symbolic ref> will work just fine.  It has
nothing to do with my series.

Does git branch --edit-description HEAD work?  Then why do you expect
git branch --edit-description <any other symbolic ref> to work?  git
branch --edit-description operates on non-symbolic refs.

Let me make this clear: @ is just another symbolic-ref that always
points to the same thing as HEAD.  Nothing less, nothing more.

> In my opinion, if 'git branch X @{-1}' doesn't work, neither should
> 'git branch X @', and that's what my approach does.

Why shouldn't (doesn't) git branch X @{-1} work?  git branch X <any
expression with or without a symbolic ref> works fine, and it has
nothing to do with my series.
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