Ilya Basin <> wrote:
> Hi. I won't send you updated patches until I import and test my huge
> repo. Everything will be here:
> At the moment I've decided not to implement the Junio's proposal:
> > >> JCH> comment line "# added by git-svn only to keep the directory" and
> > >> JCH> consider a directory that has nothing but .gitignore that consists
> > >> JCH> of only that exact comment line an "added placeholder" directory to
> > >> JCH> work it around.
> But the config file is not an option too: I have 400 tags, each has
> 200 empty folders.
> Instead I decided to store the paths in a text file (see
>  ).
> I'm not planning to push this change to you.
> The last error I encountered is:
> r7009 = 39805bb078983e34f2fc8d2c8c02d695d00d11c0 (refs/remotes/DMC4_Basic)
> Too many open files: Can't open file 
> '/home/il/builds/sicap/gitsvn/prd_dmc4.svn/db/revs/0/786': Too many open 
> files at /.snapshots/persist/builds/git/git-git/perl/blib/lib/Git/SVN/ 
> line 282.
> I think It's unrelated to empty dirs.

Can you get an lsof on the git-svn process right before this?
What's your open files limit?
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