deg <> writes:

> I'm having this same problem.
> Here's one more clue that may help: The problem is dependent on the exact
> type of NAS drive.
> I moved from a Buffalo LS-X2.0, which worked fine, to a WD "My Book Live"
> (MBL), which has this problem.
> I don't know much more yet about why the MBL is failing, but am still poking
> around, and am happy to try tests for anyone who wants to debug this.

Can you reproduce the problem under Linux (with the NAS mounted using
CIFS), or just Windows?

If it works under Linux, you could record strace logs, e.g.

  echo foo >test.txt
  strace -f -o trace.1 git add test.txt
  strace -f -o trace.2 git commit -m test


This would massively help debugging.  Judging from the OP's log, the
filesystem is just broken and can't make up its mind about what files
exist, but in the strace log we could see exactly where it gives weird
answers (or that it doesn't, and thus get clues to any possible git

Thomas Rast
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