Thomas Rast <> writes:

> IIUC, you are unconditionally storing only marks to commit objects.
> Are you allowed to do that at this point?  I notice that
> git-fast-export(1) says
>    --export-marks=<file>
>        Dumps the internal marks table to <file> when complete. Marks are
>        written one per line as :markid SHA-1. Only marks for revisions
>        are dumped[...]
> But git-fast-import(1) says nothing of the sort; I would even claim that
>    --export-marks=<file>
>        Dumps the internal marks table to <file> when complete.
> means that the *full* marks table is dumped.
> How do we know that this doesn't break any users of fast-import?  Your
> comment isn't very reassuring:
>> the vast majority of them will never be used again
> So what's with the minority?
> In any case, if this does go in, please update the documentation to
> match, probably by copying the sentence from git-fast-export(1).

A safe and sane approach may be to teach these an option to tell
them to omit non-commits or to emit all kinds, and make remote-bzr
use that to exclude non-commits.  If the defaults is matched to the
current behaviour, nobody will get hurt, and Felipe's Emacs import,
knowing that it does not need marks to blobs, can take advantage of
the new feature.
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