2013/5/6 Santi Béjar <sa...@agolina.net>:
> El 06/05/2013 00:36, "Junio C Hamano" <gits...@pobox.com> escribió:
>> Johan Herland <jo...@herland.net> writes:
>> > This would not allow the user to use the relevant $remote_name for $nick,
>> > which I argue might be the more natural name for the user to use, since
>> > it's the same name that is used for otherwise interacting with the remote.
>> That is where we differ.
>> The thing is, when you name a local ref (be it "refs/heads/master"
>> or "refs/remotes/origin/master") with a short-hand, you are still
>> dealing with a refname, not interacting with the remote at all.
>> Taking notice of remote.$nick.fetch mappings only to complicate the
>> refname resolution logic is absolutely unacceptable, at least to
>> somebody who comes from the "we are interacting with refs, not with
>> remotes" school, like me.
> Maybe we could mark it explicity with a double slash: "$remote//$branch",
> or similar. And it even allows a slash in the remote nick: "bar/baz//foo".

The next question could be: why not make it work with $url too? As in:

$ git merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/git/git.git//master

But I don't know if it can be problematic...

I remember that there was a discussion about the remote#branch
notation used in cogito, and at the end it was rejected.

See you,
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