Significant updates since patch v6 series:

 * Refactor on patch 4/10: split `list_and_choose` into 3 functions,
   to make it easy to read.

 * Mark no public functions as static for patch 1-10.

 * If set 'pager.clean' to true (i.e. isatty(1) is false), die
   instead of do cleaning.

 * New action: flags. The user can update flags for git-clean,
   such as -x/-d/-X/-ff.

 * Alway show interactive menu, even there are no files to clean.
   Because the use can update flags for git-clean.

When the command enters the interactive mode, it shows the
files and directories to be cleaned, and goes into its
interactive command loop.

The command loop shows the list of subcommands available, and
gives a prompt "What now> ".  In general, when the prompt ends
with a single '>', you can pick only one of the choices given
and type return, like this:

    *** Commands ***
      1: clean               2: edit by patterns    3: edit by numbers     4: 
rm -i
      5: flags: none         6: quit                7: help
    What now> 2

You also could say `c` or `clean` above as long as the choice is unique.

The main command loop has 7 subcommands.


   Start cleaning files and directories, and then quit.

edit by patterns::

   This shows the files and directories to be deleted and issues an
   "Input ignore patterns>>" prompt. You can input a space-seperated
   patterns to exclude files and directories from deletion.
   E.g. "*.c *.h" will excludes files end with ".c" and ".h" from
   deletion. When you are satisfied with the filtered result, press
   ENTER (empty) back to the main menu.

edit by numbers::

   This shows the files and directories to be deleted and issues an
   "Select items to delete>>" prompt. When the prompt ends with double
   '>>' like this, you can make more than one selection, concatenated
   with whitespace or comma.  Also you can say ranges.  E.g. "2-5 7,9"
   to choose 2,3,4,5,7,9 from the list.  If the second number in a
   range is omitted, all remaining patches are taken.  E.g. "7-" to
   choose 7,8,9 from the list.  You can say '*' to choose everything.
   Also when you are satisfied with the filtered result, press ENTER
   (empty) back to the main menu.

rm -i::

  This will show a "rm -i" style cleaning, that you must confirm one
  by one in order to delete items. This action is not as efficient
  as the above two actions.


  This lets you change the flags for git-clean, such as -x/-X/-d/-ff,
  and refresh the cleaning candidates list automatically.


  This lets you quit without do cleaning.


  Show brief usage of interactive git-clean.

Jiang Xin (10):
  Add support for -i/--interactive to git-clean
  Show items of interactive git-clean in columns
  Add colors to interactive git-clean
  git-clean: use a git-add-interactive compatible UI
  git-clean: interactive cleaning by select numbers
  git-clean: rm -i style interactive cleaning
  git-clean: update document for interactive git-clean
  git-clean refactor: save some options in clean_flags
  git-clean refactor: wrap in scan_clean_candidates
  git-clean: change clean flags in interactive mode

 Documentation/config.txt    |   4 +
 Documentation/git-clean.txt |  76 +++-
 builtin/clean.c             | 972 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 3 files changed, 981 insertions(+), 71 deletions(-)


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