I am misusing git as a store-and-forward tool to transfer reports to a
server in a resilient manner.

The context is puppet (and ppg, I've spammed the list about it... ).
The reports are small, with small deltas, but created frequently.

With the exaction of the final destination, I want to expire reports
that are old and successfully transferred.

My current approach is (bash-y pseudocode):

  git push bla bla || exit $?
  prunehash=$(git log -n1 --until=one.month.ago --pretty=format:%H)
  test -z "$prunehash" && exit 0
  # prep empty commit
  # skip git read-tree --empty, we get the same with
  export GIT_INDEX_FILE=/does/not/exist
  empty_tree="$(git write-tree)"
  empty_commit="$(git commit-tree -m empty "$empty_tree")"
  echo "${prunehash} ${empty_commit}" >> .git/info/grafts
  git gc
  # TODO: cleanup stale grafts :-)

is this a reasonable approach?

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