David Aguilar wrote:

> expecting success:
> # if this test fails, re-build git with NO_REGEX=1
> test-regex
> fatal: regex bug confirmed: re-build git with NO_REGEX=1

Thanks.  Gah.  That means that regcomp() with REG_NEWLINE is letting

        [^={} \t]+

match the newline in


despite the POSIX requirement

        A <newline> in string shall not be matched by a period outside
        a bracket expression or by any form of a non-matching list


        A non-matching list expression begins with a <circumflex> ('^')
        and specifies a list that shall match any single-character
        collating element except for the expressions represented in
        the list after the leading <circumflex>.

and if I understand you correctly, this is a regression in Apple
libc. :(

With the commit message modified to mention the "fatal: regex bug
confirmed: re-build git with NO_REGEX=1" and uname -a output,

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com>

Do you know if this has been reported to Apple and
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