On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 02:17:10AM -0700, David Aguilar wrote:

> Good catch.  I had a config.mak without any -O flags in CFLAGS.
> Here are the timings with -O3.  We're back to parity.
> $ time git rev-list --all --objects --verify-objects >/dev/null
> # CommonCrypto 28.95s user 4.62s system 99% cpu 33.630 total
> # master       29.81s user 4.70s system 99% cpu 34.760 total
> # BLK_SHA1     29.80s user 4.62s system 99% cpu 34.505 total
> If BLK_SHA1 were the default on all platforms then I wouldn't have
> bothered with the SHA-1 patch.  With this patch it makes it like Linux
> in that Git can choose between the built-in functions and the external
> library.

With those numbers above, it seems like CommonCrypto is still a
reasonable choice. I don't know anything about availability or other OS
X specific issues, but assuming there are no issues there, your patch
makes sense to me. Thanks for double-checking the timings.

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